Logos are the starting point of any brand. It is a single visual image that must embody the personality and essence of your brand. Picking a design that represents your company and that is memorable to your audience is the magic mixture of elements of good logo design.

The essential elements of effective logo design:

  • simple
  • memorable
  • timeless
  • versatile
  • appropriate

Logos are graphic symbols usually used by a companies to promote their products and to gain recognition. The contemporary business environment is acutely competitive. Each industry has several businesses battling for their target consumer’s mind share in order to do business with them. The most successful companies and products are those that have well-known trademarks, AKA logos.

Most Recognized Brands Globally

Simple logos are easier to recognize and remember.

People have different ideas on how to promote the perceived image of their companies, but all agree that logos help consumers to easily differentiate between products and companies. Logos, identification symbols at a base level, are designed to create a lasting effect on the minds of customers and to encourage and reinforce a customers’ loyalty.

The brand is the perceived emotional identity. It also highlights what the company stands for in terms of product, service, customer support and relations. Branding helps a company to create customers’ awareness about its existence, service and product. When customers are satisfied by the company’s product and service they tend to spread the news about it through organic word of mouth advertising, like telling a friend, or by “liking” it online.

Logo design is a very important element of branding because it elicits emotional identification with the company. This contributes to the branding of a company, which is a reflection of the vision, beliefs, and values of the company. Consumers’ identification with a company will create trust and strengthen its brand. Whenever this symbol is seen, it reminds the people of the company and its products. For a logo to be effective, it should be unique and memorable. This will remove confusion and separate a company from its competitors.

However,it’s crucial to remember a company’s logo cannot stand on its own, it has to be combined with other variables to create an effective identity. Attention needs to be paid on sound elements of branding. The customers should be provided with good quality service and product that they cannot get from the company’s competitors. To have the desired effect on the customers, branding has to be in place over a long period of time.  Consistancy and continuity are equally as important as any design. The more people use a company’s product or services and receive consistent treatment, the more they become loyal and give repeat business. Logo design, identity and branding are combined to enhance the whole image of a business and reinforce the consistency of the brand.  Spending the time and capital in the creation of strong logo for a company is paramount and a necessary investment because,  your logo will create a powerful image that will make people aware of and receptive to your brand over time.

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